Lady Wildcats 5k Fundraiser


Hobbton High School Ladies Soccer Team

Hobbton High School coaches, Wes Cone (English teacher/Soccer) and Jeff Klaves (Cross-country), decided it was time to do something about it by putting on The Wildcat 5k to get the community of Newton Grove to get behind the girl’s soccer and cross-country team.

On the morning of November 16th, 2013, with Rocky music playing loudly, runners warming up, and onlookers supporting their loved ones, Hobbton High School put on the school’s very first walk/run 5k.

A reminder that if one gives, one will always have.


The Wildcat 5k

“We hope to continue to hold more in the future as a way of bringing people together,” said coach and English teacher Wes Cone.

The proceeds were geared towards the Ladies’ soccer team and the school’s new cross-country team in order to get the school much needed funds for uniforms.

Dale Lari was able to take part and sponsor the race in hopes that this community event brings together and helps people with the desire to help empower Eastern NC teens through sport for many years to come.

Go Wildcats!


Eastern North Carolina

Newton Grove, NC is a place where soccer is still in its humble beginnings (but rapidly growing as it is happening all over the country). One of the growing pains includes competing for very limited funding at a school level with other sports.

In particular when it comes to having uniforms that are on par with the hard work, dedication, and love that the Hobbton players have for their school soccer.